Forgetting to Take Some Pictures of My Cloths

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

As the title says, I have been forgetting to do so.

I have been little busy… I have been sending many job applications to various companies last two days. I applied 10 positions or so, and I found some online resumes are repetitive. Even you have your resume word document, you have to re-enter every single content on your resume — To another company’s job listing or to another job search site, you have to re-enter again. Some of them do recognize what you have on your document and automatically type them for you, but they are never complete.

I believe that cover letter has to be tailored for each company/position yet not resume. You are interested in similar positions, and you really do not have to change the content of your resume. I hope one of these job companies would get big enough so that they make a regular format resume online and transfer to a company or to another site (for this, maybe not for competitiveness). We need a facebook like job search website that can get plug ins and datas to/from other website. Or do we have one?


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