Learning a New Language

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

I can speak both Japanese and English, but my first language is Japanese.

I do not remember how I learned English much, and now I am trying to learn new language by myself (I did learn some Spanish and Indonesian from a lecture and my friends), I found it very difficult.

Learning English was just part of my life. Except learning ABC (just letters and a few vocabularies), I started late. I learned ABC from my mother’s American friend. I went to see him every Sat and just kept repeating what he said. I was probably 5-6 years old. He corrected me if my pronunciation was wrong. Now I know that there is some limitation of child motor controls (and child cannot make all English sounds), I know he was not a linguist. He was just a guy spoke English. However, I learn so much from him. I always get happy when somebody tells me I have less accent. I quit going there after I started my elementary school and got busy with other lessons (piano, gymnastics, calligraphy, swimming, tennis, etc). After that, I learned some grammar at Kumon for a year or so in 5th grade, but other than that, all I had was jr. and high school education. If you think of high school spanish here, that is pretty much what I had. You study for the exams, but after them, you forget materials and are far from talking with natives. So, I learned a lot when I came here for Senior year of high school. Nobody at high school speaks properly either; so, that made me harder to understand them. I did not get much “formal lecture,” I do not feel I learned English and how I did it.

Now, go back to the main story —learning a new language. I do not think that I am good at it, but I do enjoy learning a new language. Learning a new language means more people to communicate with and respect to the people who speaks that language. Many English speakers assumes/expects everyone to speak in English even they travel around, but to me that kind of trip is fabricated. Unless you speak what natives speak, I doubt that you can understand/appreciate the country you traveled and see what it is like to be in a foreign country. Easy to say it, but it is hard to do it… but I think at least you tried and that little effort shows some respect and appreciation.

I had a worst morning ever in the last couple years, but I wanted to talk about this.


And here comes my Chai tea and my messy room!

Text me!

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If you are too lazy busy to text that, send this.

It has white outlines for black screens

Organic Soy Chai

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I am addicted to organic soy chai!

It’s a perfect drink for cold nights. I had it three days in a row so far!

By the way, chai tea is the only time I appreciate cinnamon! I think many Japanese do not like cinnamon. We are just not used to that kind of spices.

No Plugins for WordPress.com

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I should have done more research before I started my blog here.

I wanted to put facebook like button on my posts, yet seems like I cannot do that here…
Since I had a Tumblr blog before, I may just go back to Tumblr. Still thinking and researching, but are there any other free blog site that let me have plugins? What is the best free blog site out there today?

Pedicures From Past

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I love doing pedicures, and these are some of my creations…

Hmmm… I thought I had more pictures… but I cannot find them. That’s it for now.

Another gif illustration for text… save and text it!

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

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This is the post I wanted to post for a while… and now Valentine’s day is over!

Anyway, I wish all had a wonderful Valentine’s day, and these are from me.

Copy and text to your love ones 🙂

By the way, this is what I made… and I got that bouquet.

It’s a homemade cheesecake!

Job Hunting, Job Hunting, Job Hunting!

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I am writing two cover letters right now.
I am not used to writing cover letter because we do not have it in Japan. I think it is a good opportunity to express myself, yet I am more comfortable answering questions (which Japanese company often has).
Anyway, that is my priority for now. I will be back on here sometime after dinner.
Drive safe in rain!

Golden/Yellow Pedicure

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For this cold weather, I decided go against it…
Also, it is because I did not have a good day today, and I wanted make things brighten up…

Hmm… I will try to take a better picture… my iPhone is not for macro shots :/



Update: better photo 🙂

Today’s Shoes and Socks

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I had a time in between my classes

Shoes: bought at a store in PARCO Utsnomiya
Socks: one of six pairs for 1000yen

These shoes are my favorite right now. If it is not too cold I want to wear these everyday! I wish this kind of socks existed here in CA:/

Side notes: my ankle looks fat ever since I tore my tendons.

His Name is Paul

February 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

My new stuffed animal… N only one staying on my bed


I honestly do not care much about stuffed animals… but I have ever been happier getting a stuffed animal before, except the time when I won a hula hoop competition when I was 7 years old and got a huge teddy bear as big as me at the time. I think what matter is who gave it to me 🙂

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